2016 Weddings In Review

2016 was a special year for me. It was my second year being self employed. I have been a full time photographer since I graduated from CDIA Boston University in 2006 but I worked for a nationwide portrait company for eight of the ten years I’ve been a photographer. I officially went 100% on my own in January 2015. In January 2016 I launched my new photography company Picture Lady LLC. Since I started Picture Lady I scaled back on the amount of weddings that I photographed. I didn’t want to overload myself and I wanted to make sure I was able to give my clients the attention that they deserved. While I photographed a handful of weddings as a second shooter for photographer friends of mine I photographed just ten of my own weddings. Below is a sampling of images from my 2016 weddings. I want to thank all of my clients for choosing me to document your special day. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, your families and your close friends. May you cherish your images forever. Happy new year!!





Searles Castle Fall Wedding :: Henryk & Aimee

I enjoying meeting my potential clients in person as it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other. They get to tell me all about their vision for their special day and we discuss how we can make that dream a reality. When I met Aimee she was very sweet, easy going and organized. At our second meeting I met her fiancé’ Henryk. It’s always nice to see a groom to be that is not only excited about the wedding but happy to help with the process. I loved the energy that the two of them had and it was obvious they were very much in love. I knew right away that we were a great fit and were going to have fun working together.

I photographed their Fall wedding at the gorgeous Searles Castle this past October. They decided to do a first look and their formal photos before their ceremony. A lot of my clients choose this option as it gives me more time to work alone with just the bride and groom. The more time I have the more photos my clients receive. Though there wasn’t any rain in the forecast doing the formals before the ceremony worked out really well. It started to drizzle just before and just after their ceremony. Luckily it didn’t delay our plans and the day went really smoothly. Below are some of my images from their Big Day. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

2016-12-22_0045 2016-12-22_0003 2016-12-22_0004 2016-12-22_0005 2016-12-22_0007 2016-12-22_0010 2016-12-22_0013 2016-12-22_0011 2016-12-22_0012 2016-12-22_0027 2016-12-22_0046 2016-12-22_0008 2016-12-22_0014 2016-12-22_0015 2016-12-22_0016 2016-12-22_0017 2016-12-22_0018


2016-12-22_0029 2016-12-22_0031 2016-12-22_0030 2016-12-22_0032 2016-12-22_0033 2016-12-22_0034 2016-12-22_0035

2016-12-22_0047 2016-12-22_0038 2016-12-22_0039 2016-12-22_0037 2016-12-22_0040 2016-12-22_0043 2016-12-22_0042 2016-12-22_0044 There wasn’t even any rain in the forecast put it drizzled just before and after the ceremony. Adding in the umbrella not only kept them dry but gave us another option for adorable photos. 2016-12-22_0036 2016-12-22_0048


2016-12-22_0021 2016-12-22_0022 2016-12-22_0023 2016-12-22_0024 2016-12-22_00252016-12-22_0026 Fisher Video Productions made this adorable movie poster using one of the photos from their engagement session. It featured their names, wedding date and all the names of everyone in their wedding party. I thought this was a great idea!
2016-12-22_0055 2016-12-22_00542016-12-22_0049 2016-12-22_0050 2016-12-22_0051 2016-12-22_0052 2016-12-22_0057 2016-12-22_0058 2016-12-22_0056 2016-12-22_0059 2016-12-22_0065 2016-12-22_0062 2016-12-22_0063

2016-12-23_00012016-12-22_0061 2016-12-22_0066 2016-12-22_0064 2016-12-22_0067

Thanks to Wayne my amazing second shooter for this night shot.
2016-12-23_0002Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a NH wedding photographer

Second Photographer: Wayne

Venue: Searles Castle Windham, NH

DJ: Get Down Tonight Entertainment- Chad Ardizzoni

Videographer: Fisher Video Productions Manchester, NH

Cake: Jacques Pastries Suncook, NH

Wedding dress: 125 Bridal Plaistow, NH

Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal

Makeup: Candice Iannaco- Pro Makeup Now

Tux rental: Men’s Wearhouse

Transportation: Black Tie Limousine

Florist: Suzanne’s Hamsptead, NH

Jeweler: Zales

Invitations: DIY


Searles Castle Wedding Emotional First Look :: Aimee & Henryk

I have been waiting for over a year to document Aimee and Henryk’s wedding day. From the moment I met them I knew that they were head of heels for each other. For the first time I’m going to do something a little different and show a sneak peek of only their first look. I’m sure I will post more photos soon as there are so many great moments that happened throughout the day but I thought these moments were so special and really shows how much these two love each other.






2016-10-31_0002 2016-10-31_0003 2016-10-31_0004 2016-10-31_0005

Photographer: Kimberly Jones

2nd Photographer: Wayne

Venue: Searles Castle Windham, NH



Renaissance Golf Club Haverhill Wedding :: Carmen & Susana

I had the pleasure of working with Carmen and Susana twice now. First I did their engagement session last Summer at Lynch Park in Beverly and then again this passed Spring photographing their lovely wedding. They had their ceremony at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church which is a beautiful church in North Reading and their reception was at the gorgeous Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA. It was a perfect day in April and we were able to take all of their portraits outdoors. Below are some images from their special day. Enjoy!2016-08-08_00012016-08-08_0002 2016-08-08_0003 2016-08-08_0004 2016-08-08_0005 2016-08-08_0006 2016-08-08_0007 2016-08-08_0008 2016-08-08_0009 2016-08-08_0010 2016-08-08_0011 2016-08-08_0027 2016-08-08_0035 2016-08-08_0013 2016-08-08_0014 2016-08-08_0015 2016-08-08_0017 2016-08-08_0018 2016-08-08_0019 2016-08-08_0020 2016-08-08_0021 2016-08-08_0022 2016-08-08_0023 2016-08-08_0024 2016-08-08_0025 2016-08-08_0031 2016-08-08_0032 2016-08-08_0026 2016-08-08_0034 2016-08-08_0029 2016-08-08_0030

I hope you two had an amazing honeymoon in Italy and congratulations again passing the bar and purchasing your first home together. I wish you both a long, happy, healthy life together.

Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a Haverhill wedding photographer

Venue: Renaissance Golf Club Haverhill, MA

Ceremony: St. Theresa’s Catholic Church North Reading, MA

DJ: Allstar Entertainment & Uplighting Andover, MA


Oceanview Nahant, MA wedding :: John & Gabrielle

I photographed Johns twin sisters wedding back in 2012. John and Gabrielle have two beautiful children together and they’ve been waiting to get married for many years. It was a very chilly day in November but they had all of their closest friends and family by their side. They did a first look outdoors followed by as many family and wedding party portraits we could squeeze in until we decided we were just too cold to continue. We then moved inside to the bridal suite. I photographed two other weddings at the Oceanview this past year and their bridal suite is great for getting ready portraits, a first look and even family and wedding party portraits if necessary. It’s actually one of the largest bridal suites I’ve seen at a wedding venue. They had their ceremony indoors, followed by a cocktail hour in their gorgeous lounge area. After cocktail hour and a few more portraits the happy couple were introduced into their reception. DJ Carla D played some really fun games that got their guests on the dance floor early in the evening which definetely set the mood for the night. Here’s a few images of their special day. Enjoy!

2016-01-15_0001 2016-01-15_0002 2016-01-15_0003 2016-01-15_0006 2016-01-15_0004 2016-01-15_0005 2016-01-15_0007 2016-01-15_0008 2016-01-15_0009 2016-01-15_0013 2016-01-15_0014 2016-01-15_0015 2016-01-15_0016 2016-01-15_0021 2016-01-15_0020 2016-01-15_0022 2016-01-15_0019 2016-01-15_0018 2016-01-15_0024 2016-01-15_0033 2016-01-15_0023 2016-01-15_0029 2016-01-15_0025 2016-01-15_00322016-01-15_0031 2016-01-15_0030


2016-01-15_0017 2016-01-15_00262016-01-15_00102016-01-15_00122016-01-15_00112016-01-15_0034 2016-01-15_0050 2016-01-15_00282016-01-15_0035 2016-01-15_0052 2016-01-15_0053 2016-01-15_0038 2016-01-15_0039 2016-01-15_0040 2016-01-15_0043 2016-01-15_0044 2016-01-15_0045 2016-01-15_0042 2016-01-15_0051 2016-01-15_0047 2016-01-15_0046




Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a Nahant wedding photographer

Assistant: Wayne

Ceremony: The Oceanview Nahant, MA

Reception:  The Oceanview Nahant, MA

DJ: DJ Carla D


Barker Tavern Scituate Wedding :: Mike & Jenna

I couldn’t have been happier for Mike and Jenna that it was 62 degrees out on their wedding day in mid December. I met Mike for the first time at the Scituate Light House which is where he was going to see his gorgeous bride for the first time. His reaction to seeing Jenna was genuine and you could really see how in love these two are. Even though I was only able to spend eight hours with them I could really see the connection these two had with each other. Here is a peek at a few images from their special day. 2016-01-12_0001 2016-01-12_0003 2016-01-12_0011 2016-01-12_0012 2016-01-12_0013 2016-01-12_0014Jenna’s bouquet was beautiful and perfect for a winter wedding!
2016-01-12_0010 Not only did they just get married but they just bought a home together and will be celebrating their first Christmas together in their new home as a married couple.2016-01-12_0009 2016-01-12_0015 Jenna’s smile is contagious. 2016-01-12_0016 2016-01-12_0017 Jenna looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown!2016-01-12_0018 I love when couples choose to do a first look. And their backdrop was perfect! 2016-01-12_0019 2016-01-12_0020 2016-01-12_0021 2016-01-12_0022 2016-01-12_0024 2016-01-12_00232016-01-12_0025 2016-01-12_0026 2016-01-12_0027 2016-01-12_0028 2016-01-12_0029 2016-01-12_0030 2016-01-12_0031 2016-01-12_0032 2016-01-12_0033 2016-01-12_0034 2016-01-12_0035 2016-01-12_0036 2016-01-12_0037 2016-01-12_0038 2016-01-12_0039 2016-01-12_0040 2016-01-12_0041 2016-01-12_0042 2016-01-12_0043

2016-01-12_0044The wedding party and the groom had no problem getting the crowd pumped up for the bride and grooms introduction.
2016-01-12_0045 2016-01-12_0046 2016-01-12_0047 2016-01-12_0048 2016-01-12_0049 2016-01-12_0051 2016-01-12_0052 2016-01-12_0053 2016-01-12_0059 2016-01-12_0061 2016-01-12_0062 2016-01-12_0054 2016-01-12_0055 2016-01-12_0056

Congratulations again Mike and Jenna! It was a pleasure working with you and your close  friends and family. Happy new year and enjoy your honeymoon!

Photographer: Kimberly Jones Photography is a Scituate wedding photographer

Venue: Barker Tavern

Caterer: Barker Tavern:

First look: Scituate Lighthouse Scituate, MA

Wedding party and bride and groom portraits:  Scituate Lighthouse Scituate, MA

DJ: Unique Sounds Entertainment: Gary Lombard

Hair: Special Event Beauty

Makeup: Special Event Beauty



Mine Falls Park Nashua, New Hampshire engagement photos :: Henryk and Aimee

When I first met Aimee this past winter we immediately clicked and I knew she was someone I wanted to work with. Meeting clients in person is so important. Making sure our personalities work well together definitely plays a big role in how we’re going to connect and work together in the future. Once I met Henryk and saw the two of them together I immediately saw their connection and knew they were going to be adorable, fun, and easy going. It was obvious how in love these two are! Here’s a sneak peek of some of my favorite images from their recent engagement session at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, New Hampshire. I can’t wait to photograph their Fall wedding next year at Searles Castle. Comments are appreciated! Enjoy! 2015-10-20_0009 2015-10-20_0014 2015-10-20_0011 2015-10-20_0013 2015-10-20_0012 2015-10-20_0010 2015-10-20_0008 2015-10-20_0005 2015-10-20_0006 2015-10-20_0002 2015-10-20_00042015-10-20_0003
2015-10-20_0019 2015-10-20_0017 2015-10-20_0020 2015-10-20_0018 2015-10-20_0021 2015-10-20_0022 2015-10-20_0025Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a New Hampshire wedding photographer:

Location: Falls Park in Nashua, New Hampshire

Wedding location: Searles Castle

Props: Remnants of August


Peabody Marriott Wedding :: Ben & Kayla

Ben and Kayla had their ceremony and reception at the Peabody Marriott on a Friday evening this past August. It was one of those days that everyone just kept their fingers crossed that the rain would hold up. Their ceremony and reception were both indoors but our goal was to photograph Kayla with her bridesmaids before the ceremony and then finish the rest of the formal portraits following the ceremony. The ceremony was short but sweet. We were able to get through most of the formal portraits but then it did start to rain. Luckily there was a room inside that we were able to use to finish taking some portraits of Ben and his groomsmen before the happy couple were introduced to their reception. It’s always good to have a plan B especially in New England. During their reception I found this really funky red wall and decided I’d do some more bride and groom portraits since we were interrupted by the weather. I absolutely love these shots of Kayla and Ben! Here’s a peek at a few images from their special day.

2015-10-14_0063 2015-10-14_0064 2015-10-14_0065 2015-10-14_0066 2015-10-14_0067

2015-10-14_0001 2015-10-14_0002 2015-10-14_0003 2015-10-14_0004 2015-10-14_0005 2015-10-14_0006 2015-10-14_0007 2015-10-14_0008 2015-10-14_0009 2015-10-14_0010 2015-10-14_0011 This is when the girls realized some guys across the way could see right into their room. 2015-10-14_0012 2015-10-14_0013 2015-10-14_0014 2015-10-14_0015 2015-10-14_0016 2015-10-14_0017 2015-10-14_0018 2015-10-14_0019 2015-10-14_0020 2015-10-14_0021 2015-10-14_0022 2015-10-14_0023 2015-10-14_0024 2015-10-14_0025 2015-10-14_0026 2015-10-14_0027 2015-10-14_0028 2015-10-14_0029 2015-10-14_0030 2015-10-14_0031 2015-10-14_0032 2015-10-14_0033 2015-10-14_0034 2015-10-14_0035 2015-10-14_0036Ben gave the groomsmen special cufflinks for wedding gifts.
2015-10-14_0037 2015-10-14_0038 2015-10-14_0039 2015-10-14_0040 2015-10-14_0041 2015-10-14_0043 2015-10-14_0044 2015-10-14_0047 2015-10-14_0048 2015-10-14_0049 2015-10-14_0050 I love the beautiful bracelets Kayla gave the bridesmaids for gifts.2015-10-14_0051 2015-10-14_0052 2015-10-14_0053 2015-10-14_0054 2015-10-14_0056 2015-10-14_0057 2015-10-14_0058 2015-10-14_0059 2015-10-14_0060 2015-10-14_0061 2015-10-14_0062 2015-10-14_0068 2015-10-14_0069 2015-10-14_0070 2015-10-14_0071 2015-10-14_0072 2015-10-14_0073 2015-10-14_0074 2015-10-14_0075 2015-10-14_0076 2015-10-14_0077

2015-10-14_0078 2015-10-14_0094 2015-10-14_0095 2015-10-14_0096 2015-10-14_0097




Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a Peabody, MA wedding photographer

Ceremony:  Peabody Marriott

Reception:  Peabody Marriott

Caterer: Peabody Marriott

Cake: Konditor Meister

Invitations: Vista print

Wedding dress: Blushing Bride

Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal

Tux rental: Men’s warehouse

DJ: Mark Gauthier


Tattersall Farm and Winnekenni Castle engagement photos

I had so much fun photographing Chuck and Kendra today at Winnekenni Castle and Tattersall Farm in Haverhill, MA. I absolutely loved Kendra’s outfit and it went perfectly with the red barn and the rustic looking doorways at Winnekenni Castle. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next September at Brooksby Farm in Peabody, MA. I was so excited about their session today that I had to share a few of my favorite images. Comment are appreciated! Enjoy!

2015-09-29_0015 2015-09-29_0017 2015-09-29_0016 2015-09-29_0018 2015-09-29_0019 The adorable signs were designed by: Remnants of August2015-09-29_0020 2015-09-29_0021 2015-09-29_0022 2015-09-29_0023 Doesn’t Kendra look stunning? I can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress!! 2015-09-29_0024 2015-09-29_0025 2015-09-29_0026 2015-09-29_0027 2015-09-29_0028 2015-09-29_0029 2015-09-29_0030

Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a Haverhill, MA wedding and portrait photographer

First location: Winnekenni Castle

Second location: Tattersall Farm

Handmade his and her signs: Remnants of August Haverhill, MA

Wedding venue: Brooksby Farm Peabody, MA