Haverhill High School senior photos :: Class of 2016

It was a beautiful day in Newburyport for our senior portrait session. We had no idea there was a large car show going on that day so we walked around and scouted out some beautiful locations around the neighborhood. We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous sunset at the end of the day too. Here’s a sneak peek of some of my favorite images from our session.

2015-09-29_0001 2015-09-29_0004 2015-09-29_0005 2015-09-29_0002 2015-09-29_0007 2015-09-29_0006 2015-09-29_0003 2015-09-29_0008 2015-09-29_0009Photographer: Kimberly Jones is a high school senior photographer:

Location: Newburyport, MA

Haverhill, MA class of 2016


Newburyport Senior Photos :: Maudslay State Park :: Levi

In 2012 Levi was a High School senior at Whittier Tech in Haverhill, MA. Levi studied HVAC like his Father. He spent a year working for DiPietro on co-op. He has a passion for cars and airplanes. After one year in college Levi has decided to join the Air Force to fabricate parts for aircraft. He’s a smart kid and seems very driven.  Levi I wish you the best of luck and a nice future in the Air Force. Make sure you come back and visit. Here’s some images from his senior portrait session at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA.







Photographer: Kimberly Jones Photography is a Newburyport, MA portrait photographer

Location: Maudslay State Park


Ashlee’s Senior Session

Originally it was decided that we were going to have Ashlee’s senior portraits taken at the beach in the Summer. Time flew by and before we knew it it was November. A call came in from Ashlee’s Mom wanting to schedule her session. Even though it was a cold Autumn day in New England Ashlee was a good sport about it. I photographed Ashlee as long as I could before the rain storm came in. We finished up just in time! Here are some of my favorite photographs from our session.

Photographer: Kimberly Jones

Location: Salisbury State Park


Samantha’s Senior Session

Samantha’s Mom and I worked together years ago. When she found out that I was a photographer she wanted me to take Samantha’s senior portraits. I met Samantha when she was in grade school and haven’t seen her in years.  Seeing her again all grown up was a total shock. She was always beautiful but now she’s grown up to be a beautiful woman just like her Mom. We had fun photographing at a local park in Malden. It was a beautiful Autumn day and the foliage looked amazing and so did she!


Photographer: Kimberly Jones

Location: Bell Rock Park Malden, MA